Interactive, Engaging, Fun, and Chellenging

Don't Miss A Single Wednesday!

Every Wednesday night, Student City will be hosting an interactive night of fun, worship, a message and YES!!! we still have our LifeGroup time. HOW?? Through an app called ZOOM.

All you have to do is find a place to sit and watch. Bring your Bible, a pen or pencil and something to take notes on!

Student City LIVE!!

Here is your ZOOM instructions!

One of our awesome leaders said that Student City LIVE! was "like a fun night of 180 weekend, but virtual! So many laughs! A nice way to unwind in the chaos of life!"

It literally was one of the coolest moments in our recent memory... if you missed it DON'T WORRY! We are doing it again this week. Here is how you participate.

1) Download the ZOOM app to your phone, ipad, computer 

2) On Wednesday night, anytime from 6:30p-7:00p open up the app.

3) Click the  "Join" or "Join a Meeting" button

4) Meeting ID:  SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. To request to be on our email list, send us one!

5) It will ask if to join with a personal name. Use your GRADE-GENDER-NAME (example: 11-M-Cody)

6) Join options should allow you to connect to audio.. YES. Also make sure your video is on

7) Click "Join Meeting"

8) During that half hour (6:30p-7:00p), students and leaders will be "arriving" into the meeting!

9) ENJOY! Ask questions in the chat. Participate in a game (you might win a prize from AMAZON!)

10) At the end of the message... we will separate you into LifeGroups based on  the grade and gender you put in your name when you joined


Student City LIVE: "Jesus Is" Week 2

This week, we examine the truth that Jesus is Savior. 

Video: April 22, 2020

Student City Live: "Jesus Is" Week 1

This is Student City Live from April 15th 2020. Just the message

Student City LIVE: "Worth It" Week 2

Student City LIVE! message from April 8th 2020. Scripture Luke 24


Check out Student City LIVE! from March 25th. This week we learned that Godly people can help us find answers to our questions! Plus... of course we have people singing songs from animated movies and more!


The most recent Student City LIVE!